Hotel Mykonos is located close to Santiago City, where you can find many stores, shops, restaurants and a craft market. Our central location also places you near Santa Catalina Beach. Other cultural destinations you can find nearby include colorful, historical towns; ancient churches whose walls are the living history of Santiago; and breathtaking rivers and mountains that are ideal places for hiking. All of our staff are trained to advise you and suggest a number of enjoyable destinations.

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Santiago Mall

distance: 2 minutes from hotel
Exterior at Hotel Mykonos,Panama

This mall is a popular commercial center featuring a variety of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, banks and entertainment including cinemas, playgrounds and game rooms. You’ll find both cultural and recreational activities here. 

Boulevard Santiago Shopping Center

distance: 5 minutes from hotel
Exterior at Hotel Mykonos,Panama

This charming shopping center also offers a number of local supermarket and boutiques for souvenir shopping. It’s a great place to people-watch and experience the rich culture and flavors of Panama.

Santa Catalina Beach, Sona

distance: 2 hours from hotel
Attractions at Hotel Mykonos,Panama

This tropical paradise offers some of the best surf in Panama with easy access to snorkeling, world-class diving at National Park Coiba, and superb fishing. You’ll find peaceful charm in the beautiful beaches, lush forests and friendly locals.

Puerto Mutis, Montijo

distance: 30 minutes from hotel
Exterior at Hotel Mykonos,Panama

This lovely port with access to the Gulf of Montijo dates back to the early twentieth century when it served as the main port on the south coast of Veraguas, transporting goods and people to Puerto Mutis Veraguas.

Escuela Normal Juan Demóstenes

distance: 10 minutes from hotel
Exterior at Hotel Mykonos,Panama

This historic school building dating back to 1938 revives the Spanish colonial style. It includes a main school building, gardens and patios, with the entrance guarded by two lions intricately carved by Italian sculptor Luis Cacelli.

Royal Casino Santiago

distance: 12 minutes from hotel
Exterior at Hotel Mykonos,Panama

The Royal Casino Santiago is conveniently located on the Pan-American Highway next to the Hacienda Hotel. It offers more than 200 slot machines and table games including roulette, blackjack, Spanish 21, Texas hold’em and baccarat.

Cathedral of Santiago

distance: 10 minutes from hotel

Dating back to 1868, the Cathedral of Santiago combines Gothic with neoclassical styles. It features an historic marble tomb, an elaborately carved mahogany altar and impressive stained-glass windows by Dominican artist Dincón Mora.

Parque Nacional Coiba

distance: 3 hours from hotel
Exterior at Hotel Mykonos,Panama

This world famous protected natural marine reserve is a perfect place for bird watching and features a vast variety of marine life. You may be lucky enough to spot a hunchback whale or dolphins while visiting the lovely island.

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